Our Services

Building a safe operation takes time, and a lot of it. Many companies have a full-time safety specialist, some task human resources or another role to take charge of safety, while others are small operations just realizing their need for a workplace safety program. Let Orient Safety tackle the time intensive projects you just can’t seem to get around to.

Site Specific Safety Programs

Orient Safety will create safety programs specific to your company.  While other services deliver canned safety programs that have to be retrofitted to work within your organizational structure, we get it right the first time.  The result, safety programs as unique as your site’s operations.


Lock-out/Tag-out Procedures

Control of Hazardous Energy is one of the top 5 most cited OSHA violations.  The number 1 cause of violations are the lack of procedures covering the removal of hazardous energy from equipment.  Orient Safety can solve this problem by developing procedures for your facility’s equipment.

Job Hazard Analysis

Evaluation of every job function within a facility exposes hazards and gives the employer the ability to control them. JHAs not only uncover the hazards that can cause injury, but can also reveal process inefficiencies.  Let Orient Safety help you identify and control these hazards and inefficiencies.  


Site & Program Audits

We firmly believe in inspecting what you expect.  Site and program audits help ensure you are in compliance with OSHA standards.  Having a background in insurance, we can also help you control the factors that lead to higher premiums for liability and workers’ compensation coverage. 

Training Seminars

A knowledgeable workforce is a safe workforce.  Orient Safety provides training on applicable OSHA programs, giving your workforce the knowledge they need to maintain a safe work environment.  Our experienced trainers can give your workforce effective, dynamic training.


Accident Investigations

Sometimes it is good to have another set of eyes on a problem.  Orient’s trained and highly skilled consultants can assist your organization in investigating incidents that have resulted in catastrophic losses, or minor incidents that need specific attention.

Job/Safety Training Development

Awareness is only as good as training.  Orient Safety can develop job specific safety training for your workforce to highlight the hazards your workforce is exposed to.  This is a perfect add-on to a JHA package, as much of the information needed would be gathered during a JHA package.


Machine Guarding Assessments

Machine Guarding ranks at number 8 in the OSHA top 10 most cited violations.  The number 1 cause is machinery not being adequately guarded to prevent the inadvertent entry of body parts into points of operation.  Orient Safety can assess your equipment and provide vendors to help fix issues.